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A warm welcome to the Disabled Students' Group website. We hope you'll find all the information you need in these pages to enable you to study more easily and answer any questions you may have about the Groups' role within OUSA and the O U. See our Welcome video on youtube.

Our latest newsletter

See our Autumn 2016 newsletter.

Find Us Online

D S G on OUSA Live

The OUSA Disabled Students Group forum, in the Health and Wellbeing section of the OUSA Live forums which are part of the OUSA Students suite of online forums, is open to all O U students.

D S G Members' Forums

We have the following forums, open exclusively to D S G members. Only fellow members can see your presence and contributions to the forums.

The OUSA D S G forum is the D S G business forum where we discuss D S G business as well as issues concerning how disability affects O U study and hold our Annual General Meetings.

The OUSA D S G Café is a virtual café where you can meet other members for an informal chat or support or exchange advice about coping with disability.

D S G on Facebook

We have a D S G Facebook group. As this is a closed group, although people can see you are a member of the group, nobody outside the group can read what you post.

The OUSA D S G Carers' Group is a closed Facebook group for OU students and their carers.

Feedback on O U web pages

Do you have any problems with O U web pages, forums or online applications? If so, please see Reporting Problems with O U webpages.

Would you like to join us?

For more information and to find out how to join please see the Join us page. You can download an application form which you can complete and return either by email or by post. Membership is free.

We include anyone with an infirmity or long-term condition which affects their ability to study and is covered by the Disability Discrimination legislation. That includes a lot of every day conditions that you may not consider to be a disability.

We represent students with health problems and disabilities within OUSA and the University to promote their needs wherever a health problem, physical or mental, or a disability affects your day to day needs as a student. For information about health, disability and the law see About Disability. This representation is additional to members' rights to actively participate in OUSA.